VF Summit


A promotional site for the annual Vanity Fair Summit. The event showcases speakers from technology, business, & media who engage in conversations about the future.


/ Project Goals

  • Create a destination that not only promotes the Vanity Fair Summit Event but provides a space to showcase media coverage from all past & future events

  • Make all aspects of the site accessible across breakpoint

  • Build tools & templates to allow editors to leverage content leading up to, during & following the event

/ Role

  • Contributed to conceptual thinking in both visual & interaction design

  • Established & executed interactions & designs of page templates across viewport

  • Conceptualized & produced animations of interactions to communicate the vision for transitions, movement & app functionality

/ Team

Pamela Castillo, Chenta Yu, Rosie Douglas, Kamilla Keilbowska, Darcy Moore, Andrew Bergal, Dominic Giangiobbe, Lacy Garrison




    First time visitor introduction animation.


    More work…