Bloomberg Business


The destination for everything within the Bloomberg media universe — Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg TV & content from entirely new digital verticals like Bloomberg Politics, Bloomberg Technology & Bloomberg Pursuits.


/ Project Goals

  • Broaden Bloomberg’s reader base beyond their traditional finance following

  • Create a responsive & modular system that reflects a mix of editorial curation & dynamic news

  • Provide the editorial team with the tools they need to efficiently communicate to their readers

  • Establish a brand feel & unique modules for each of the Bloomberg verticals

  • Make it fresh

/ Role

  • Contributed to conceptual thinking in both visual & interaction design as well as the overall strategic vision of the product

  • Established & executed interactions & designs of page templates across breakpoints

  • Conceptualized & produced animations of interactions & templates to communicate the vision for transitions, movement & site functionality

  • Worked extremely close and collaboratively with Bloomberg developers to ensure quality of the final build.

/ Team

Chenta Yu, Chris Hall, Peter Gallo, Bree Sullivan, Deneesha Lawrence, Katherine Robinson, Lacy Garrison, Francesco Stella



A responsive solution designed at four breakpoints to capture all device sizes.


A top of page degradation system allows editors flexibility in story-telling & day parting strategies.


Landing pages utilize a mix of dynamic trending & firehose vertical content modules with editorially curated packages.


Evolution of the homepage from traditional to psychedelic to somewhere in between.



Each Bloomberg vertical is branded with distinct colors & modules to cater to content & consumption type.

“kaleidoscopic, modular design.”


– Margaret Rhodes, WIRED Design


Modular shoulder templates allow for user pathing to anything from single detail pages to packaged story arcs. As an alternative, these shoulders also provide a space for sponsorship opportunities.


When it comes to digital publishing, article is king. The design system uses multiple templates to give the editors the appropriate tools for varying content types.


More work…